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Dual Smart Battery Charger

USB charging cradle on the go

Model#: TL-GDCHSM2 | SKU#: --



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  Description Details
icon  USB charging port that allows you to charge both your batteries and your mobile device at the same time
icon  LED Battery charge indicator • 0%
• 30%
• 60%
• 100%
icon  Compatible with AA, AAA, AAAA, C, A23, CR and MR / Li-ion batteries: CRs, 26650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 17335, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, 10440 Retractile circuit that fits most batteries
icon  Operates on either 100-240VAC for home/office use or 12VDC for use in vehicles
icon  Auto select appropriate charging voltage based on battery type
icon  1000maH fast charging to charge twice as fast as standard chargers
icon  Designed for optimal heat dissipation to prevent overheating while and after charging
icon  Prevents overcharging by automatically stop charging once the battery is fully charged
icon  Charging Voltage • Input voltage: AC 100-240v 50/60HZ 0.25A (MAX) or DC 12v 1A
• Output voltage: 4.2V±1%/1.148v±1%
• Output current: 500MA x 2
icon  DC 12v Car charging cable compatible Charging cradle not included
icon  Packaging includes charging cradle and wall power cable

One of the most advanced chargers on the market. This smart charger allows you to charge up to two batteries and your multimedia devices at the same time. The built-in USB charger connects straight from the charger to your device, making this an immediate essential from your favorite Guard Dog products.


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