Get Free Pepper Spray For Life!

By signing up for this Guard Dog Protected 4 Life Exclusive program, you could get a FREE REPLACEMENT pepper spray in the event you are forced to use your spray in self-defense. All we need is a copy of a police or incident report and your replacement will be on its way. Please take into consideration that after we receive the report, there is a 3-5 business days lead time for evaluation.

Disclaimer: Your Pepper Spray must be registered within 30 days from the date of purchase, otherwise eligibility for Protected 4 Life will not be evaluated. To register for your product, kindly visit

How the Protected 4 Life program works:

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Buy a Guard Dog pepper spray from an authorized retailer

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Register for FREE within 30 days of your purchase and be immediately enrolled into the P4L program

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Have to defend yourself? Contact Guard Dog Customer Care and notify them of the incident

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With a copy of a police or incident report we'll happily replace your pepper spray for FREE!

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