Pepper Spray Glow in the Dark w/ Twist Top and Police Grade Formula

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The unique feature of this pepper spray is its luminous design, allowing it to glow in the dark. This innovative characteristic ensures quick visibility and accessibility even in low-light conditions, enabling you to locate and deploy the spray with ease when needed. It blends seamlessly with your personal items while remaining readily available for self-defense purposes. 

  • ILLUMINATE ENHANCED SAFETY: The luminous feature illuminates the spray, facilitating quick deployment even in low-light conditions.With this innovative solution, you can confidently navigate dark environments, deter potential threats, and have a reliable self-defense tool at your fingertips. Stay protected with our glow-in-the-dark pepper spray pocket set.
  • IMPRESSIVE POWERFUL PUNCH: Empowerment meets safety with our mini pepper spray for women.Packed with 18% OC formula, it delivers maximum strength. With invisible UV dye, it aids in assailant identification. Stay protected and confident with this compact self-defense solution.
  • LONG DISTANCE BURST: Stay protected during your runs with our pepper spray for women's self-defense. Compact and convenient, it can be easily concealed on your purse or pocket for quick access. With a powerful burst range of 16 feet, it provides effective protection while running. Don't let your safety be compromised – equip yourself with our reliable pepper spray designed for active individuals.
  • DISGUISED SMALL BUT GIVES 5x MORE PROTECTION: Stay safe and stylish with our fashionable pocket pepper spray. This pocket-sized self-defense essential includes 0.5 ounces of pepper spray. Enhance your personal safety with this small yet powerful pepper spray, perfect for self-defense anytime, anywhere.
  • ACHIEVE PRECISION AND SPEED: With our hot pepper spray designed for self-defense, it is easiest to grasp allowing you to keep your focus on the threat.The quick release canister ensures immediate access to the spray when seconds count.With its easy-to-use twist lock safety feature, you can confidently carry it without worrying about accidental discharge. Stay prepared and protected with this effective self-defense tool.

  • Height: 3in

  • Width: 0.7in

  • Weight: 0.8oz

  • Range: 16ft

  • Content: 0.5oz

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