Pepper Spray with Stream Pattern | 2 oz w/ Belt Clip

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The Pepper Spray 360 Degree Stream Pattern with Belt Clip is a reliable and powerful self-defense tool designed for maximum protection. It features a unique 360-degree deployment capability, delivering a powerful stream of maximum-strength OC spray with 18 bursts - 5x more burning sensation than regular sprays. Its stream pattern ensures accuracy for greater reliability against moving threats, while its belt clip makes it easily accessible in any situation.

  • 360 DEGREE COVERAGE - Guard Dog Security designed the Pepper Spray with ALL-angle deployment capability, which enables it to be sprayed from any orientation, including upside down, providing enhanced reliability against moving threats for complete protection.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH FORMULA - This pepper spray is designed for both women and men and contains the same formula as the Law Enforcer's. Although it is a non-lethal weapon, it delivers 5 times more burning sensation than regular sprays, allowing you more time to seek help.
  • STREAM PATTERN FOR ACCURACY - Unlike ordinary pepper sprays, this does not atomize, but deploys in a strong stream, minimizing wind blowback and ensuring accurate targeting. Its powerful stream helps to eliminate the risk of misting and provides precise control, allowing you to defend against potential attackers with confidence. With its unique formulation and deployment method, our pepper spray offers superior performance and reliability in challenging situations.
  • EXTENDED RANGE - This hand-held pepper spray canister has a substantial range of 20 feet, making it a convenient and effective tool for self-defense. However, due to its powerful capabilities, it should be kept out of reach of children, either hidden or secured in the holster. Please note that this product may not be available for sale in all states.
  • BELT CLIP FOR EASY CARRY - With a sturdy belt clip, this pepper spray can be easily carried for quick access in self defense situations. The integrated belt clip allows you to securely attach the pepper spray to your belt, ensuring it's always within reach when you need it. Whether you're going for a jog, walking to your car, or simply running errands, having your pepper spray easily accessible on your belt gives you added peace of mind.

  • Height: 4in

  • Width: 1.4in

  • Weight: 2.9oz

  • Range: 16ft

  • Content: 0.5oz

  • State and local laws prohibit the shipment of this model to New York


  • 30 calendar days to return the product from the date it was received with a receipt.
  • Item must be unused and in the same condition that it was received.
  • Item must be in the original packaging.
  • After 30 days you may apply for a regular warranty.
  • Customer is responsible for the shipping costs of returning the product.

Protected for Life Program: In the event of use, we will replace any of our Guard Dog Pepper Sprays with a brand new one, for FREE and for life. Be sure you signup for the program within 30 days after purchase. For more information visit How to Signup for Protected 4 Life.