Children's Back-to-School with Safety

Children's Back-to-School with Safety

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As back-to-school season approaches, safety experts are reminding parents to review basic safety precautions with their children. One of the most important things parents can do is walk the route to school with their children in advance and make sure they have plenty of time to get there on the first day. Having extra time will prevent them from feeling rushed and taking unnecessary risks when crossing the streets. "For many children, it may have been a long time since they walked or biked to school, or had to catch the bus," says Jodie Plumert, a University of Iowa psychology and brain sciences professor who conducts research on issues related to childhood safety. "Parents should not assume that children remember how to get to school or the bus stop, even if they've done it before." During this back-to-school season, parents must be prepared for the safety of their children at all costs.

Another thing is that children should always travel with a buddy when possible. Older ones should know how to call 911 and their parents in case of an emergency. They should also have a plan for what to do if they get lost, such as going to a store or restaurant and asking the clerk to call their parents. It's also important for kids to know never to get into a car with someone they don't know, even if that person claims to be a friend of the family. "Parents need to talk with their children about how to stay safe when they're away from home," Plumert says. "It's also important for parents not to make assumptions about their child's safety knowledge or abilities."

Parents might also want to review simple rules for crossing roads with younger children such as:

  • Walking on the sidewalk when one is available.
  • Looking both ways before crossing the street.
  • Obeying all traffic signals and crossing guards.
  • Making eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them.

Given these steps, our children are one step closer to being safe when they return to school. But what about personal protection? With so much going on in a child's life, it's important to have a self-defense product like a Bulletproof Backpack, or Personal Alarm in place. These products provide an extra layer of protection that can help keep children protected when they are at school.

Back to school with safety

Here are some of the recommended products for your child's personal protection:

1. Bulletproof Backpack

A bulletproof backpack is a great way to provide extra protection for your child. It can be worn like a regular backpack, but it also provides the added benefit of being able to withstand bullets and other projectiles. This type of backpack is usually made from Kevlar or another type of ballistic material. It's important to note that a bulletproof backpack will not make your child invincible, but it can help to deflect or absorb the impact of a bullet, which could potentially save their life. Some of our Bulletproof Backpacks that you can choose from are listed below:

  • The Proshield Scout is a bulletproof backpack that offers Level IIIA protection against 9mm and .44 magnum rounds. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, with padded shoulder straps that make it perfect for all-day use. The backpack also features a padded laptop pocket, perfect for safely storing your computer or tablet while on the go.

    Proshield Scout - Bulletproof Backpack, Level IIIA, Youth Edition (Pink)

    Proshield Scout - Bulletproof Backpack, Level IIIA, Youth Edition (Pink)


    If you're looking for a backpack that can protect you from more than just the elements, then the ProShield Scout is the perfect choice. This backpack not only looks stylish and normal, but it also offers Level IIIA protection against… read more

  • The Proshield Smart backpack is the perfect way to protect yourself and your belongings while on the go. The backpack features Level IIIA protection, meaning it has been tested to withstand 9mm and .44 magnum rounds. The built-in charging bank ensures that your devices are always powered up, while the TSA-friendly opening makes it easy to get through security checkpoints. The hands-free phone suction cups make it easy to keep your phone close at hand, and the separate laptop and tablet sleeves make it easy to stay organized. The deployable rain poncho protects your bag from the elements, making this the perfect backpack for any adventure.

    Proshield Smart - Bulletproof Backpack, IIIA w/ Charging Bank (Black)

    Proshield Smart - Bulletproof Backpack, IIIA w/ Charging Bank (Black)


    The ProShield Smart bulletproof backpack is the smartest and best-equipped backpack with bulletproof protection on the market. This backpack has been crafted with detailed quality and features that provide ultimate security and peace of mind.… read more

2. Personal Alarm

  • Another self-defense product that can be beneficial for back-to-school safety is a personal alarm. This is a small device that emits a loud noise when activated. It can be worn on a keychain or kept in a child's backpack. If a child is ever in a situation where they feel threatened, they can activate the alarm to help scare off the attacker and attract attention from nearby people. This can be a valuable tool for children walking to and from school alone. For this category, our recommended product is the Keychain Alarm is the perfect way to stay safe and be prepared for anything. A 120-decibel alarm can attract attention from long distances when you need it most. The easy activation pull chain allows you to sound your self-defense alarm at a moment's notice. The built-in LED flashlight can illuminate any area you may need to use your safety alarm keychain. The keychain alarm makes the Guard Dog alarm a great personal alarm for women, men, runners, children, and the elderly.

    Keychain Alarm - Personal Alarm 120 dB

    Keychain Alarm - Personal Alarm 120 dB


    The Keychain Alarm is the perfect way to keep you safe and secure. This powerful alarm emits a loud, 120 dB siren that can be heard up to 350 feet away. Just pull the pin to activate the alarm, and… read more

Both of these products can give you peace of mind as your child's heads back to school. They provide an extra layer of protection that can help keep your child safe in case of an emergency. Be sure to include them in your back-to-school preparations this year. For more products, visit our website at Guard Dog Security.

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