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iStun 2
iStun 2
iStun 2
iStun 2

iStun 2

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The Guard Dog Security iStun has the slim design, and stylish look of a modern cell phone

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The Guard Dog Security iStun 2 picks up where the old iStun left off and is made to match modern day versions of smart phones, this stun gun could fool anyone into believing it is a real phone. Not even the most trained eye will assume this device is anything less than the real thing, yet any assailant who comes close will receive electric shock capable of temporary incapacitation. The clever design uses the phone's "volume" and "power" buttons as the activation switches for the LED light and high voltage stun gun, keeping with a cohesive look that allows for easy accessibility if needed. Weighing about three ounces, the iStun is lightweight and convenient to carry on a daily basis. In a recently study, more than 40% of robberies involve smart and cell phones. The next time an attacker demands your phone, give them a surprise that will truly daze them; give them the iStun.

Description Details
Max Power Stun Gun Volt-trashing stun gun, loud enough to scare off any unwelcome attacker before they approach
Inconspicuous Design Inconspicuous design allows for a low-profile carry to resemble the look and feel of modern smartphones
Quick Action Buttons Easily accessible buttons for LED and stun, designed as the phone volume and power buttons
Safety Switch A safety switch prevents accidental discharge, yet convenient enough for a one-hand operation in the event of usage
Rechargeable Battery Never buy batteries again 
U.S. Patents D690,383 and other patents pending
P65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel and Cobalt, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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