Harm & Hammer Pepper Gel with glass breaker | Keychain ready

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Unlike your average pepper sprays, the Harm and Hammer Pepper Slime offers a precise stream, hitting the target without any "cone" effect or lingering spray. Its thick, gunky residue takes irritation to a whole new level, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

  • Extended range: Pepper slime doesn’t lose momentum on the way out, and as a result often provides greater than 16 feet of distance
  • Maximum strength: The same strength used by the top law enforcements worldwide, Guard Dog pepper slime fires off a slimy stream so hot that just the smell alone can make someone watery eyed
  • Concentrated stream: Affects only the target (no “cone” effect to the residual spray particles)
  • No wind blowback: Fires at 120 PSI in a focused slime stream, reducing the likelihood of wind blowback into the shooters face
  • Safe for indoor use
  • Stickier formula : Sticker than traditional pepper spray, making it harder for an attacker to wipe off and giving you more time to escape
  • Longer-lasting effects: Pepper slime effects last longer
  • Thick, gunky residue: You thought you never wanted to be pepper sprayed? Try getting pepper slimed - a thick and gunky residue that goes inside the target’s facial crevices to provide ultimate burn, pain and annoyance

  • Height: 4in

  • Width: 1.2in

  • Weight: 1.9oz

  • Range: 16ft

  • Content: 0.5oz

  • State and local laws prohibit the shipment of this model to New York


  • 30 calendar days to return the product from the date it was received with a receipt.
  • Item must be unused and in the same condition that it was received.
  • Item must be in the original packaging.
  • After 30 days you may apply for a regular warranty.
  • Customer is responsible for the shipping costs of returning the product.

Protected for Life Program: In the event of use, we will replace any of our Guard Dog Pepper Sprays with a brand new one, for FREE and for life. Be sure you signup for the program within 30 days after purchase. For more information visit How to Signup for Protected 4 Life.