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Air Quality Monitor PM2.5
Air Quality Monitor PM2.5
Air Quality Monitor PM2.5

Air Quality Monitor PM2.5

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Guard Dog Security PM2.5 Air Quality tests humidity and temperature Indoor, outdoor and inside a car

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PM2.5 Display

Guard Dog Security have created PM2.5 Air Quality Tester knowing PM2.5 is one of the major pollutants closely monitored by health authorities around the world. This device not only will show you in a very easy way the quality of your air, but also humidity and Temperature

One-Button Function

Place the air quality detector in a safe place, then short press the main button and a complete calibration will be done in less than 3 seconds.

Description Details
Detect Polluted Air Its highly sensitive sensor works 24-hours a day to detect fine particulate matters such as: energy plants, industrial waste, vehicle exhaust, wood stoves among others
Compact & Portable Measuring less than 4 x 4 inches, it is an ideal device to place in your bedroom, living room, office and even your car
It Will Warn You If the air around you exceeds the International standard for PM2.5 level (>300) you will be alerted
Rechargeable You can easily charge your Air quality Monitor connecting it at any USB power supply. Cable Included.

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