How to spot a copy cat


Copy Cats

Adding visible prongs



Dangerous Prongs

Don't be fooled by Copy Cats attempting to copy Guard Dog exclusive designs by adding 2 visible prongs or user-dangerous spikes

Guard Dog

Exclusive concealed probes


Guard Dog Concealed Stun Technology™ is designed to disguise probes to appear like everyday flashlights. Authentic Guard Dog stun guns have invisible probes to allow consumer friendly, and practical usage


Don’t carry a dim light

Copy cats

fake lumen claims


A side by side comparison of imitation products revealed a significantly inferior light. Imitation brands do not understand the tactical industry. Imitation brands may exaggerate voltages, but lumens can’t be exaggerated

Guard dog

Actual lumen


Guard Dog Security is a true tactical self defense brand. Specializing in a wide array of tactical flashlights, Guard Dog incorporates the same technology into selected stun gun models. Guard Dog will ONLY CLAIM ACTUAL LUMENS


CHeap parts, cheap quality, cheap security

Copy Cats

Care only about your money

Copy cats will cut corners by using cheap parts, cheap assembly and cheap appearance. Copy cats don't care about product quality or your safety, they just want your money! 

Guard Dog

Takes pride in your safety

Guard Dog Security takes pride in your safety, and we use the industry's highest standard of bulbs, components and labor. We stand by our products, and that's why we provide the industry's best customer service and Lifetime Warranty to ensure you are completely satisfied.