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High voltage concealed stun gun w/ 400 lumen (3 light functions) tactical flashlight

Model#: TLSG-GDK-BK | SKU#: 804879524090


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  Description Details
icon  High voltage Concealed Stun Gun A volt-thrashing stun gun is a push-button away, loud enough to scare off any unwelcomed attacker before they approach
icon  3 tactical light functions Not only a handy, daily flashlight, this is a blinding ultra bright light visible from over 100 yards away

• High: 400 lumen
• Low: 100 lumen
• Emergency strobe: 400 lumen
icon  Exclusive concealed inner stun technology ™ – No visible probes Guard Dog’s exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology ™ hides any visible prongs within the outer layer of the flashlight for practical purposes and daily use of the flashlight.
icon  Tail cap striker Built-in tail cap striker for self defense or shattering glass
icon  Type III Aluminum, Aircraft Grade Body Enforcement throughout the body allows for durability and longevity
icon  Dual charging Charge at home or in the car, this unit comes with two charging options
icon  Rechargeable Battery Save money on batteries, this flashlight stun gun is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord
icon  Enhanced CREE bulb for the brightest flashlight available in a stun gun
icon  Enhanced aluminum reflector system
icon  Safety Switch On/off safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
icon  Up to 100,000 hour bulb life
icon  Includes Holster
icon  Includes Car charger and wall charger
icon  U.S. patent pending
icon  Measurements (LxD): 7.75" x 1.56"

Built-in tail cap striker for self defense or shattering glass

The Guard Dog Katana presents a premier self defense and survival option, one never before seen on the market. For the first time ever, a tactical flashlight and concealed stun gun with a steel-point tail cap for self defense or glass breaking. Made with aircraft grade aluminum, the Katana is durable and shatterproof to withstand high pressure situations. With a contoured hand grip, you can use the device with the comfort you desire. All with a swift one-hand operation, the Guard Dog Katana shines 400 lumens of light, visible up to almost 400 yards! Whether for your daily use or self defense purposes, this handy light provides the essential options for your everyday carry. Hidden within the front bezel is a concealed stun gun, capable of incapacitating an assailant. With Guard Dog’s Concealed Inner Stun Technology ™, there are no visible prongs. Need to recharge? The Katana can be charged at home or in the car, with dual charging capabilities. Replace your daily flashlight with the Guard Dog Katana, a 400 lumen tactical flashlight, concealed stun gun and steel-point tail cap.



Ss14usa |


Date: Wed, 02/01/2017 - 00:42

I have purchased several of these for my self and my daughters. When they function properly they are great but they just haven't been reliable. I have had to return two of them because the stun gun wouldn't function even after charging despite not being dropped or even used for defense. They need to be 100% reliable! I have to return another one today for the same reason.

WhiskeyAlphaSix |


Date: Fri, 12/15/2017 - 17:20

I bought one of these Katana Stun Gun/Flashlights from a an online retailer. The stun gun/flashlight appears to be well made & nicely finished. It functioned as advertised right out of the box. My only real complaint about this device is with the included battery which is a Guard Dog branded 18650 Lithium Ion battery. It has a stated capacity of 3200 mAh's. Unfortunately, that is not even close to it's actual capacity. After fully charging the battery I ran several cycles of discharging & recharging it on a battery charger/analyzer. The battery only has an actual capacity of 881 mAh's ...... that is only a bit more than 1/4 of it's stated capacity. To be exact, it is 27.5% of it's advertised capacity. To make matters worse, it has no built in over discharge or over charge circuitry. All batteries have a certain amount of "self discharge" over time. Leaving the battery in a discharged state can kill it as can overcharging it. Hopefull the stun gun/flashlight itself has some built-in protection circuitry to prevent this from occuring while the stun gun/flashlight is in use, but still that will not prevent the battery from dying due to it being left in a discharged state for an extended period of time.

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