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280 lumen compact flashlight

Model#: TL-GDFF280 | SKU#: 857107006561



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  Description Details
icon  Small and compact. At less than 2 ounces, this high powered flashlight attaches to your keys without bulk
icon  Tiny, yet powerful. Inch-for-inch, one the the brightest lights containing 280 lumens, powerful enough to be seen further than a football field
icon  4 light functions. High: 280
Medium: 100
Low: 30
Emergency strobe: 280
icon  Rechargeable battery. Fully rechargeable with run times up to 10 hours
icon  High powered, ultra white CREE XPE2-R3 bulb
icon  Water resistant IPX4 rating.
icon  Drop resistant and shockproof

For the first time ever, a 2.5-inch flashlight with viewing distance greater than a football field in length. Whether for daily use or situational awareness the ultra-compact and high-powered Guard Dog Security Fyrfly keychain flashlight attaches to your keychain or glides in to your pocket for optimal viewing power. This rugged light packs a serious punch with three significant brightness levels ranging between 30 to 280 lumens, plus safety strobe beacon for blinding personal protection. With the astonishing brilliance of a professional full-size flashlight but in a compact frame weighing under two ounces, this highly portable flashlight sheds an ultra-white light at your convenience. The perfect balance of convenience and power with the high performance durability to withstand the most rugged terrain, the Guard Dog Fyrfly will easily become your most compact and brightest accessory.


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