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Fire Extinguisher

Guard Dog Home & Auto Fire Extinguisher

Model#: FF-GD20 | SKU#: 857107006127



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  Description Details
icon  20 ounce canister
icon  Shoots up to 12 feet
icon  Clean agent fire-fighting foam
icon  Effective on all class of fire
icon  Easy clean up
icon  Biodegradable
icon  Non-corrosive
icon  Non-hazardous
icon  CFC free
icon  Organic propellant
icon  Manufactured in the USA

The Guard Dog Security fire fighting foam is ideal for home, office or your automobile for fires that can surprise anywhere, anytime. Built with an instant trigger top and safety tab for child-proofing. Conveniently sized, the unit contains environmentally friendly foam that creates a potent fire-fighting solution with force, speed and easy clean-up.


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