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Pepper Spray Keychain w/ Rhinestones - Bling It On
Pepper Spray Keychain w/ Rhinestones - Bling It On
Pepper Spray Keychain w/ Rhinestones - Bling It On
Pepper Spray Keychain w/ Rhinestones - Bling It On
Pepper Spray Keychain w/ Rhinestones - Bling It On
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Pepper Spray Keychain w/ Rhinestones - Bling It On

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    • Stylish rhinestone design that turns your defense spray into a fashionable accessory, making it the best pepper spray for women, men, and night shift workers.
    • Up to a 16-foot spray radius matters most when searching for the best pepper spray option.
    • Keychain pepper spray that can be easily attached to purses, bags, car keys, or lanyards.
    • Glow-in-the-dark actuator makes it one of the strongest pepper spray options against potential nighttime threats.
    • Complimentary Protected 4 Life program will replace your 1/2 oz pepper spray for free in the case of use. Be sure to register. Stipulations apply.


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    warranty Lifetime Warranty

    Pepper Spray Canister size is 1/2 oz.

    You want a pepper spray canister to feel prepared...

    It'd be nice if it attached to your keys to ensure you'll never forget it.

    It would be even better if the canister accentuated your fasion style, instead of hindered it.

    Guard Dog Security developed a product that does just that!
    Adorned with rhinestones in a vibrant array of colors to suit your tastes, Bling It On is a non-lethal pepper spray that easily clips to a key ring, purse, or backpack. With a maximum distance defense of 16ft, simply point and depress the glow-in-the-dark actuator to cause immobilizing irritation to the eyes, skin, and throat of your attacker. Included UV dye can be used to identify the assailant. Safety is no accident. Buy your Pepper Spray Keychain today!

    GET FREE REPLACEMENT IN THE EVENT OF USE thanks to Guard Dog's Exclusive Protected 4 Life program.

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    Description Details
    Bling Design Exclusive design features rhinestone jewels to give your pepper spray the most stylish look
    Distance Defense Stay protected from up to 16' away
    Glow in Dark Equipped with glow-in-the-dark cap for quick and easy location
    Twist-Top Allows for safe and easy operation and prevents accidental discharge
    Keychain  Keychain ready
    Expiration Date 4 years
    UV Identifying Dye Contains invisible UV dye for assailant verification
    Made in USA Made, assembled and laboratory tested in the U.S.A
    Protected 4 Life Get FREE pepper spray in the event of use with Guard Dog's Industry Exclusive Program. 
    P65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Tetrachloroethylene, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

    Aim your pepper spray at the face of your assailant, targeting the eyes, nose, and mouth. Press down the actuator button in short bursts. Cover your eyes and mouth if spraying into the wind.




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